Monday, February 15, 2010

Run Trial Software Forever ?

Lots of good software on the internet. But, what if the software is just a trial version?
And we want to use it in a long time. While we do not have money to buy it to get the full version.

My friend once asked me, why his HYSYS software can not work anymore, starting from this year. but it was an original software.
I tried to use the software, but it always give an error message. Then he said that this case occurred from the beginning of 2010.
For a moment I thought, it seems the software should be updated and he had to buy a new license, and will get the latest updated version.
But since he did not want the latest update, the I tried to change the date on the windows system tray. I rewind the time from the system tray, and the software can be used again.

In this article, I want to share about the function of a free software called RunAsDate.
RunAsDate is a small freeware utility that allows us to run a program in the date and time that we can specify. RunAsDate doesn't change the current system date and time of our computer.
RunAsDate only injects the date/time that we specify into the desired application.
We can run multiple applications simultaneously, with each application works with different date/time, while the real date/time of our system continues to run normally.

You can download it here :

Here's the preview:

1.Browse the application using the browse button.
2.Put the date that you want to specify (e.g: you want to use yesterday's date 14 Februari 2010, because it's the last trial date of the software).
3.Put the time that you want to specify
4.Klik on "Create desktop shortcut", so you can use it later from your desktop with just one click, no need to configure from RunAsDate.

So... You do not need to hesitate to use the trial software and can use it on a later date even though the trial was over. Yes, you can run trial software forever.

- Not all the software trial period is determined by the date and time.
- Do not use trial software for a long time, buy it if you like it... :D
- Please use freeware, if you can't buy the shareware.


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