Monday, February 22, 2010

Google hacks... wow....

Google Hacks.. wow... what is that????

What does that mean? Hmmm, I do not intend to do hacking on Google.
But I wanted to share a tool that can help us in searching the files through Google's search engine.
Yes, free software is Google Hacks.

Google Hacks is a freeware that is made by an algorithm that
contain codes to maximize the Google search engine function, making it easier for us to search.
We can find document files, music, and so on.

Okay... Try this tool, because I'm sure it will be very useful.
But remember "Please do not use this program for illegal uses" (I quote from the Google Hacks maker).

Download here:
and enter keyword in the "Search String", and activate the menu functions that exist under the column "Type".


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Riko Pangaribuan said...

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Inter said...

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