Thursday, February 11, 2010

Prevent Autorun Virus

How to prevent virus spreading using "Autorun" feature in Windows?

Virus... virus... and virus... there's so many virus in digital world... it's same as in the real word.
Okay let's start...
Sometimes we need to transfer files like software, document, or anything from flashdisk to PC, and vice versa. or maybe browsing the internet, and we didn't know that the sites contain a virus.
And we never know that the PC or flashdisk was infected by virus that can spread automatically using "Autorun" feature in Windows.
Of course, it happened, if we didn't install an antivirus.
You better lock your door, dude... hehehe..

So what is the door key, to prevent virus spreading using the "Autorun" feature?
1. Install an antivirus.
Of course, you know that, do you? Try this free antivirus, originated from Indonesia.

Smadav. They're already released Smadav 2010 Rev. 8.0. There's a feature to prevent flashdisk to make an "autorun.inf" files. So it will disable the virus spread using autorun feature.
You can download Smadav from

2. You can disable Autorun feature

a. Click Start – Run.
b. Write gpedit.msc and push OK.
c. Click User Configuration – Administrative Templates – System.
d. Click twice in Turn Off Autoplay.
e. Choose Enable option.
f. Choose All drives.
g. Click OK and done
Of course you need an Administrator access.

3. Made an autorun.inf file that cannot be 'deleted' or rewrite.
You can make this folder autorun.inf, con, aux,nul in your root folder in every drive.
Example, you want to prevent virus spreading to your flashdisk.
a.From Command Prompt, go to your flashdisk drive (e.g: F:\)
b.write this command : md autorun.inf\
c.Write this command : md autorun.inf\con (You can change con with aux or nul)
d.exit command prompt. your Windows explorer, and try to browse drive F:. Then try to delete autorun.inf. And "Error Deleting File or Folder" comes out.

AFAIK, Windows cannot have same file name in the same folder. So it prevents the flashdisk from any kind of "autorun.inf" virus spreading.

There's also another way to disable autorun feature, from regedit, or using a software like TweakUI.

Try it out if you like... :)


belajar autocad said...

manteb boss, source elo dah ada yang dateng dari mbah google,...keep it up...

gadis tropis said...

tambahan: gpedit.msc ga bisa dibuka dari windows xp home edition katanya...

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