Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Pidgin, my favourite multi IM

Pidgin, my favourite multi IM

Yes, i like Pidgin. Since it's free and supports multiple chat networks simultaneously. I call it free multi im.
Could you imagine that you can chat with friends on facebook, yahoo, Gtalk, all at the same time and using one software?
Yes, Pidgin could do that and I use it in my Windows XP. You can also use it in Linux, also BSD.

By using Pidgin, i can do file transfers, away messages, use custom smiles, and there's so many plugin for pidgin to make it beyond the standard features.

Now Pidgin 2.6.5 for Windows are already released. You can download it from http://pidgin.im/

Here's the screencapture:

For Facebook plugin, you can find it in the url below:


If you want a portable pidgin, you can find it in Portable Application:

Happy chatting guys... :D


tentangku said...

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blog buat bisnis said...

mampir sore.....pulang ahh...

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